Combined Kenpo - The System

Combined Kenpo is the compilation of forty years of martial arts study. The two primary arts are Shaolin and Parker Kenpo, as well as a component of Aikido. The material through first degree adult black belt is mostly Shaolin based and gradually transitions more into its counterparts from second degree and up.

This system was put together in such a way as to fully engage students in their pursuit of Mastery. While the roots of Shaolin are manifested through the 5 animals of Kenpo, with the traditional forms and basics, the influence of Parker Kenpo provides a challenging quest to understand relationships between techniques and forms, properties of each, and the "why's" of what students do.

Eventually the actual system's infrastructure is revealed and a complete understanding of how it all came to be. By 7th degree black belt all of the material in this system will have been taught; allowing students to re-engage the multitude of what they have learned at a higher level.

This blog is for people to learn about the system and for students to progress while sharing thoughts and ideas with others. Information will be provided and questions posed with the intent of piecing together a large and complex puzzle. Students need to understand what it is they are doing and why. There are reasons for everything and in Combined Kenpo the task of discovery is the essence of this entire project i.e., continued and robust mental engagement of your martial arts training.





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