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A message from Jeff Hardy
Creator of Combined Kenpo Karate
Kung fu, tai chi and Jiu Jitsu practitioner
Weapons master
MS, Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor / Emergency Services Clinician

" I have been training in the martial arts for 37 years and am currently celebrating the 32nd anniversary of Body Works. During those years, I have seen many changes in the martial arts field. It is necessary that businesses evolve in order to stay current with the times, and karate is no exception!

Many of us "old timers" reminisce about "days gone by" when the workouts were brutal; only the toughest could survive. Belt tests and even classes were off-limits to the public. Heck - it was common to hear school owners boast about the fact that only a few of their students were able to make it to all the way to black belt!

Well . . . as nostalgic as I am about the old days, I welcome and applaud the progression of the martial arts schools. I now boast about the numbers of students who do make it to black belt in our school, and I have not had to make any compromises in the high standards I established in 1980. In order to accomplish that, I have worked for many years developing a system of self-defense that is applicable to a student's needs in today's society, which also provides the student with answers to why the techniques are constructed in certain ways. In my mind, every person who enrolls in our school is a future black belt. I believe I can safely speak on the behalf of my fellow school owners when I say; our number one goal is to help and guide you in reaching yours.

Out of all the things that have evolved in martial arts, the one that stands out the most is the type of role we instructors have grown into. When once we were considered karate teachers, we now are more appropriately referred to as "martial arts educators." Our programs are so much more than kicks and punches…more importantly; they enrich lives through building positive character traits. The martial arts industry, as a whole has elevated tremendously to the point where schools help people reach their fullest potential in mind, body and spirit, without having to exclude anyone. We are about inclusion - not exclusion. I am very proud to claim martial arts as my career.

Over the years, I have been amazed by the influence that martial arts training has had on people's lives. I truly believe it is the most beneficial activity a person can engage in. The uniform we wear is one that can indeed change live "

Mary Hardy
Owner / Program Director / Master Instructor in Combined Kenpo Karate
4th Degree Black Belt in Combined Kenpo Karate
Tai Chi / Chi Gong Instructor

Lucas Hardy
Owner / Executive Instructor in Combined Kenpo Karate
5th Degree Black Belt in Combined Kenpo Karate
Second Level Instructor in Trans Muay Thai System
Purple Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
BS, Exercise Science University of NH






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